Property Management

Increasing rents and cash flow through effective property management. All while lowering expenses and minimizing vacancy.

Specializing in full-service management of single family homes, condos, townhouses, and apartment buildings. We ensure that you will have peace of mind while every detail of managing your property is taken care of by our expert property management team.

Real Estate Sales & Listings

In-home consultation, professional photography, yard signs, lock boxes, scheduling showings, marketing and advertising

We ensure that our customers recieve highest level of skill, knowledge and attention to detail required in today's real estate transactions, underscoring the importance of having the help and guidance of someone who fully understands the process like the team at Pietila Properties Inc.

Commercial Real Estate Sales & Listings

As your listing specialist we are duty-bound to produce lease agreement that’s as favorable as possible for our clients.

You can rest assured from the start that when you’re dealing with Pietila Properties Inc. your dealing with a Commercial Real Estate Sales & Listings agent who is obligated to look out for your interests.


If any additional inquiries regarding our Commercial, Residential & Industrial services arise or if you would like to schedule your complimentary, on-site consultation.
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